Wayne County Fishing Report #7

Lake Ontario-The Sodus Pro-Am this past weekend proved the kings have made their journey to Wayne County. Many boats ran west to Irondequoit Bay, however the leaders found their fish straight out from Hughes’ Marina and the power plant.

The lure of choice was cut bait…meat rigs. There were spoons used and some flasher flies. Some kings came from 70 down over 250 feet of water.

The temp breaks were 70 to 90, however that was two days ago. Currently the wind is calm so there should be some consistency in the catch rate. Look for the hooks, bait fish and the temp breaks. The kings that came to the weigh station were 20 to 25 pounds with a 30 pounder caught on Saturday.

Bays- There were two bass fishing contest on Sodus Bay Saturday and Sunday. One was out of Bay Bridge Sport Shop and the other was at Sodus Point. They hammered the largemouths…all released.

Just fish the weedlines and you’ll catch plenty of fish.

If you need to rent a boat they are available at Davenports, Bay Bridge Sport Shop, and Warren’s Hook, Line &Sinker at Sodus Point.

The event for the youngsters started June 11th and runs until July 24th. All the info is on the front of our county web page.

Catching a fish is something that is remembered forever… so sign-up today.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops.www.waynecountytourism.com.

We have a brand new Wayne County Fishing Brochure. This publication features where to go, what to use, and what to catch. Call our office for a free fishing packet, including the new brochure. 1-800-527-6510. We also have a new publication on Great Lakes fishing.

Erie Canal- The bass boats were also fishing the Widewaters Sunday. Largemouths weighing 6 or 7 pounds have come out of the canal. That is not a fabrication. I’ve seen them.

Courtesy of Wayne County Tourism on July 19, 2016

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