New Fishing Law Took Effect June 1, What You Need to Know

New Fishing Law Took Effect June 1, What You Need to Know

A new Lead Jig Law put into effect this summer to keep New Hampshire’s loons and other birds safe.

If you are thinking of going fishing, be sure to get out the scale and weigh your equipment; it could cost you a hefty fine.

A state law that prohibits the use of lead jigs less than or equal to one ounce for freshwater fishing will take effect June 1, 2016. The purpose is to protect loons and other waterbirds from consuming toxic lead.

Those who choose to continue using these types of jigs and sinkers will be fined up to $250.

The law also bans other tackles that may be harmful to other animals. Excluded lead items include core line, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, spoons, poppers, plugs, or flies.

The Fish Lead Free organization cites consuming lead fishing tackle as the leading cause of death for adult Common Loons, but also affects many other species of wildlife in the state.

New Hampshire Fish and Game has also provided a guide for fishers to determine what types of jigs are illegal.

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