Trout in the Classroom Comes to FOCUS Center for Autism

Courtesy of Canton Compass

Students and teachers at FOCUS Center for Autism accepted a whole new level of responsibility Tuesday with the addition of 200 brown trout eggs to the school.

The facility is now officially part of Trout in the Classroom, a national program facilitated locally by the Farmington Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited(FVTU).

On Tuesday, Carl Swanson, trout in the classroom coordinator for FVTU, brought the 200 fertilized eggs, which are donated by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The 55-gallon incubator tank, chiller, filter system and other related infrastructure, at an approximate cost of $1,200, were funded by the Rotary Club of Avon-Canton.

The students will care for the eggs and in late spring take those small 1- to 1- 1/2 fish that survive and release them into the Farmington River or a local stream. The hope is the kids will learn about science, responsibility, ecology and more. READ ENTIRE STORY


Carl Swanson, Trout in the Classroom Coordinator for the Farmington Valley Trout Unlimited chapter discusses the project with FOCUS teacher Cynthia Colton-Reichler. Photo by John Fitts

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