Fishing season still picking up

Pogies have been absent from the fishing scene for a number of years but this year is different with a good number of them turning the corner of Race Point and now in the harbors of Plymouth to Gloucester. This is a great sign for all fishermen because if this fishery is doing well so are the stripe bass, blue fish and tuna.


NORTH SHORE — Some spectacular striper action is found to welcome Father’s Day weekend. Try Joppa Flats at the peak of high tide using a tube and worm. The ocean front has stripers going up to the mid-20 pound range from the beach and boat warriors are nailing them with live mackerel and lures. Also, here are some black sea bass found around the jetties all the way up the beaches. A keeper warns Surfland is 15 inches and you can keep five fish. Flounder are here and there. North of here is some good stripe bass action at Seabrook, Portsmouth and Kittery Maine. Bass from 22 inches all the way up to 40-inch pigs are being taken. The best bet is live lining mackerel and on the bottom with chunk mackerel. Offshore, pollock are now up to 14 pounds for the partygoers in the mix of loads of haddock and a few cod to 10 pounds in Maine. What a season it has been this year.

BOSTON HARBOR — Big to huge bass of 40 pounds have been caught, according to Pete Santini. They are hitting the tube and worm, herring leftovers at the dam, live drifted mackerel and pollock and the lures are also taking them.

The inner harbor, he said, is just full of bass with the water temps at 60 degrees. Now for the big news, we also have some pogies in here drawing in the bass. Great flounder action continues from Winthrop to Quincy Pier. Castle Island is a good place to drown a worm. Tautog are now in the harbor and many are big at 10 pounds. They will take a worm and green crabs.


LOWELL — Great smallmouth bass fishing here in the Merrimack on shiners. Bill Taubert caught a dozen up to two pounds this week. This is a great weekend to fish for giant bluegill in the river as well. The Squannacook is giving up rainbows at the Rossbacks Bridge. Happy Father’s Day.


Courtesy of The Lowell Sun on June 17,2016

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