The Fish Finder has returned – so have the haddock, flounder

NORTH SHORE — Striped bass are all over the region with some great action in the Piscataqua River. Many schoolies are found here but in recent days some 30-inch fish have moved in to make things interesting. Portsmouth has some good striper action along with shad moving up the river there. A few flounder have been taken by worm dunkers. The Merrimack is good for stripers all the way to Lawrence. Some are 20 pounds chasing herring, so soft plastics will do the trick. Off the oceanfront, schoolies and keepers are in the mix using hardware and worms. Flounder fishermen might give this a try as well because spear fishermen are finding their limits every morning. Off-shore party boat anglers are having a time of it catching limits of haddock on about every trip. Limits are now 15 fish per person.

BOSTON HARBOR — Great flounder action is found here, according to Jason Colby, captain of Little Sisters Charters in Quincy. He said they go out twice a day with six people and everyone catches their limits. Now the big flatties are arriving and this week doormats to four pounds were caught. Castle Island is a good spot by land or boat. Black sea bass are just showing up. Haddock fishing is hot.


LOWELL and VICINITY — The Merrimack River has shad moving up from the lift in Lowell along with some striped bass. The action, however, is with the small and largemouth bass that are sitting in wait in their beds. They are up and down the river and you need to draw a lure like a crawfish right through the nest and momma will eat it. Just put the fish back or no babies will make it with sunfish waiting for a chance to strike. Long Sought For, Baddacook and Horn Pond are ripe for some good trout fishing. The best carp action is now in the Aberjona River in Winchester with fish found there to 30-plus pounds. Shad numbers in the Connecticut River are great with over 300,000 lifted so far in Holyoke.


Courtesy of The Lowell Sun on May 27, 2016

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