Maine’s Rainbow Trout State Record SHATTERED!!!

Maine’s Rainbow Trout State Record SHATTERED!!!


Timothy Kelley came up from Arkansas with his wife and brand new baby to visit family this past weekend.

While in the area, he went to Quarry Pond in Vinalhaven to throw in a line and relax — what he brought out of the water was record breaking.

Tim didn’t have a fishing license, but it was Maine’s free fishing weekend. So no worries there. After he hooked the lunker, he fought it for 10 minutes before pulling it into shore. Just as the fish was coming within reach the 6-pound test mono snapped!

Tim rushed  into the pond and grabbed the monster that was thankfully tired from his fight, and brought it safely to shore.

I’m certain the thrill of that moment was incredible — and will last a lifetime!

When Tim came into The Maine Sportsman office get his patch for the Lunker Club he was still riding high on his incredible catch.

We’re all excited too!

Official Length: 32.5 inches
Official Girth: 17.5 inches
Official Weight: 13-pounds 9-ounces

Courtesy of The Maine Sportsman

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