Euro Model March Snow Threat

Courtesy of Meteorologist Joe Cioffi

Euro Model March Snow Threat

This afternoon’s run of the Euro model shows a few changes that lead to a more bullish view regarding a last chance shot at a March snowfall. The model seems to be reacting to a couple of things that are going on in the atmosphere.First off the North Atlantic Oscillation is weakly positive and is trending toward neutral through next week.

euro72 Euro Model March Snow Threat

This is combing with the strengthening off the wall positive Pacific North America or P.N.A. pattern index which remains off the wall positive. This leads to two outcomes. The first with regards to the N.A.O is a storm track to the south rather than to the west. The second is that the PNA means a strong ridge in the west which allows storms to amplify as they reach the east coast.

The first change actually shows up with the lead weather system for the middle of this coming week. Rather than taking a deep storm to the west of the coast like last week’s, the Euro model is now showing a weaker system further southeast. The outcome with this is probably going to be rain that might change to snow in some areas north of the coast before precipitation ends.

Im not particularly excited about this first weather system given how warm it will be ahead of it. However the fact that model is shying away from a deep storm to Eastern Canada…..For more of the story and maps click here.

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