Coldest Day of Winter (So Far) by Joe Cioffi

Updated at 9am est January 8, 2015


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Current temperatures around the area…

This morning temperatures hit their bottoms between 0 and 5 above inland and 5 to 10 along the coast. The rebound today will be slow as temps struggle to make it back to 20 though there will be sunshine and the biting wind will relax slightly but not much.

The core of the cold air is moving out and another cold air mass is coming for Friday and Saturday. In between we have a cold front and like a summer cold front, there will be a line of snow showers ahead of it and it will move through the New Jersey, New York, Long Island area between 6am and 11am. It could leave a coating to a couple of inches in some chances will be inland and north but these things can be tricky. It could be one of those instances where it snows hard for about 20 minutes during rush hour and really screws things up so it might be worth paying attention to. The little events can often do strange things.

Once that is done it is back to cold and dry through Sunday before we have to deal with a couple of possibilities for next week. Im thinking that snow/ice will be an issue to consider beginning Monday morning. I will get into detail about this later today but have it in the back of your minds at this point.


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