Love Fishing? Why Not Try It in the World of Minecraft?

Feel thrilled and excited at hearing stories about spending time at the river or lake? Your pulse rate increases when your friend tells you about his recent catch, huge fish, new spinning gear, or fixed-spool reels? Yep. That’s it! You are one of us. That is why you cannot imagine your life without the sweet agitation and anticipation that overwhelm you right after immersing a line into the water beneath which there are countless fish species awaiting being caught and then served with French potatoes, salad, and, maybe, beer. Therefore, you keep on promising yourself that next time there will be no obstacles preventing you from grabbing rods, baits, and tents. You will definitely head towards the tranquil place created for relaxation and fishing. You keep on picturing the beauties of spending time in nature’s lap, being surrounded by your fishing buddies, and, of course, devoting yourself wholeheartedly to the process of fishing. But, what a heck! Something always hinders you from accomplishing this mission. You may be too tired and reluctant to get up early. There may be too many things that require your attention on the only weekend you can devote to fishing. Your fish are merely not biting? Or, maybe, you love playing computer games and cannot decide between playing and going fishing? That is not a problem anymore. Though it may sound weird, now you can combine both pleasures. Yes, now you can play on your computer and fish simultaneously.

Have you ever heard about the world of Minecraft? We bet you have. This game has won the hearts of millions of players from all around the world. If you are still not one of them, you are very likely to appreciate the opportunity of fishing in the comfort of your own home. Now you don’t have to leave your house, you don’t actually have to leave your room to get as much fish as you want. Just fire up Minecraft, take your rod and go ahead!

Fishing in Minecraft

Fishing in Minecraft allows a player to get fish just like in the real world. Many players do not possess enough patience to wait until the fish finally take the bait. Still, if you are a guy well-versed in fish-matters, then waiting for a great catch will not pose a problem to you.

The first thing that you need to do is to craft a rod with the help of 2 strings and 3 sticks.

Once your rod is ready, you are free to go fishing. Of course, you would need to find a lake or river. Still, it is not a big deal if you won’t be able to do it. You can dig a hole in the ground and empty a bucket of water into it. Go to your inventory in the hot bar and select a rod. Then, just like in real life, cast out into the water. Your position does not matter. You can be in the water, sitting in a boat, or standing on the bank.

You will see your line going out, as well as the bobber on the surface of the water. Your further step will be waiting, waiting, and waiting. When your fish comes up, get it hooked in one professional movement.

Please, note that bubbles on the water signalize a fish’s coming for your hook, while the bobber’s being pulled down means that you are close to getting your game. Remember! Do not waste time – hook your fish lest the bobber should break off. It is necessary to click the button on your controller to get the fish out of the water and enjoy the trophy.

Tips and Tricks

There are several useful hints that can make your fishing even more successful. Thus, you may want to enchant your rod with the magic spell to get more fish in less time. Cast either “Lure” or “Luck of the Sea.” Still, you should keep in mind that the former increases your chances of dropping your catch, while the latter does not.

Furthermore, there is one important trick you should know to make fishing more productive. You can wait until it rains, since rain increases your chances of catching fish by 60 per cent. We bet you won’t regret it!

If you need to absent yourself from Minecraft, do not worry. Let the game fish for you by utilizing AFK fishing mode.

Best Minecraft Skins for Your Fisherman

If you want to boast of your unique style or emphasize your individuality, feel free to avail yourself of a wide range of skins for Minecraft. Yes, tastes are different. But we can satisfy any of your demands. Want to look brutal? Not a problem! Want to be threatening? Here you are! Naughty, tatty, funny, nasty, ghastly, quirky, perky… You can be anyone in the world of Minecraft and choose your look according to your preferences and predilections. Pick your style by getting the skin of your dream. Make your fisherman look the way you would want him or her to look in reality. Or, vice versa, you may get the look you would never dare try in the real world. Don’t be shy! Go fish! Go freshen up your look!

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