How to Locate Trophy Walleye This Summer

It’s that time of year where the weather is warming up and the lakes are starting to heat up. For anglers up north we know what that means; walleye fever. Every angler loves the thrill of reeling in that 5lb + walleye but they are hard to come by, even for pros. Here’s a couple tips to increase your odds of landing the big one this summer.

Walleye are cold blooded and therefore become more active in warmer water temperatures. You needed to be constantly checking water temperatures and finding the warm areas of the lakes to be successful this summer. Preferred water temperatures here in the north for walleye are around 67 degrees; if the water still in the low 60s the walleye won’t be active.

Depth is another major factor when finding walleye. You can troll directly over top of a school of walleye but if your not at the right depth you’ll be going home empty handed. Walleye have sensitive eyes and tend to finder deeper darker water in the summer months. This means that they are typically right on bottom during the day. Look for areas of the lake where there are deep drop offs where the depth rapidly drops off 10-15 feet. They like to hang out in 15+ feet deep waters on a bright day and usually sit right on bottom.

Troll slow – I can’t stress this enough. Get your lure right on bottom and troll VERY slow. You will have way more success fishing like this for walleye.

Wait until night and try the shallows. If you have no luck during the day wait until night time when the sun goes down and try fishing the shallows. At night time walleye so into a feeding frenzy and work their way into shallow waters to locate baitfish. This is an excellent time to strike.

Lastly, be patient. It times time and a lot of patience to locate big summer walleye. Once you get the hang of it and find a few hotspots it can pay off big time. Troll the lake looking for drop offs and hotspots and be sure to mark them on your gps. Once you find a hotspot thats produced a few nice catches its usually a good indication that that’s where walleye hang out — keep going back.

Tight reels,
Mark – Fishing Tips guru

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