Honest Fishing Diary 10/21/15

Honest Fishing Diary 10/21/15

Sometimes I catch em and sometime I don’t”, but I always try to enjoy the experience.
Written by: Stephen Garbowit  


10/21/15  Haven’t been out for a while; little under the weather and the wind was a strong. One thing I hate is fishing and/or boating in a strong wind. I check the internet, (WEATHER.COM), for wind before I go anywhere, have found it to be accurate. After checking tides and various on line fishing reports, thought maybe Niantic. Last time at the boat launch I was panhandled by a smooth operator who swore up and down he would mail me the money back he only needed for gas, hah. Never got a cent, that’s what I get for being trusting of fellow fisherman.

Oh well, decided to take the boat out at Niantic. Couldn’t believe the parking lot there, was mobbed,and it’s a big parking lot. Well I thought must be good fishing if so many guys are here. Went out to Millstone outflow and got some harbor blues, fun on my light tackle. The rattletrap was catching them great. This lure always seem to kill them when small bait is around. Next went straight out to the rock pile, looks very fishy in that area and have got some big stripers there, but today nothing. Oh well where to next?

Since I read a report that the mouth of the CT was hot, why not ride over there, nice day for a cruise. So I went over there. On the way saw some boats fishing, probably for Blacks. So I tried a little Calamari on bottom, works sometimes for Porgy etc. but not today. Then I saw some birds diving and started throwing my favorite rattletrap and got a couple of decent stripers. Continued on my way to the mouth of the Ct, long ride but worth a shot. Nothing doing, nobody getting anything there. Was bright and early afternoon , nice weather but nothing going on. Came back and fished Niantic harbor hard but dead there.


So end of the day gstriped bassot 4 harbor blues and 2 fat schoolie stripers.All fish were fun, got them on my light salt outfit and rattletrap. FYI I released all fish as usual, under strict orders from the wife, “don’t bring any fish home!” Lol I actually like to let them go anyway, makes me feel like I am helping the fish stocks.

Back at the launch several people wanted to discuss my boat, it’s a new Lund and seems to bring out the conversation in people. I have included a picture of me in my yard with my boat day I picked it up and a blue and striper from today. All in all, long ride from Hamden, but weather nice and trip relaxing. Window is closing on fishing. I usually go until Thanksgiving, so trying to get every bit in I can.


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