Honest Fishing Diary 10-9-15 to 10-13-15

Honest Fishing Diary

Sometimes I catch em and sometime I don’t”, but I always try to enjoy the experience.
Written by: Stephen Garbowit  

10/9/15 should I go fishing or old man basketball? Fishing wins. Should I launch my boat in New Haven where launch is rough or West Haven where I got my tires slashed? Bait store guy told me New Haven Harbor was great but I had gone there week before and got skunked, hmmm. Should I go from shore with bait or plugs or go out in boat? Not easy being retired, lots of decisions…

Ok, wading and plugs from shore it is in New Haven. Have to get up early, my usual window for hitting the bite is 2 hours before high tide. Means early, first light around 730 am. And people think fishing isn’t a real sport, hah, anything you have to get up early for is a sport.

New Haven harbor was rough, dirty water and wind blowing but worth a shot. Got nothing, not even a hit and no diving birds seen but nice to be out.

Here is a look at the lures that didn’t work today, some days better off staying in bed! Fishing Lures


10/10/15 According to$b101015 Ct State fishing report, Housatonic River is ‘fantastic’. So figure after last failure will try there with my boat. No convenient launch for me, so I decided to launch in West Haven and fish along the way to the Housy. Its about a 10 mile run, but blue bird day was really nice.

Stopped by some rocky area I knew held fish at times , just as I got there saw some breaking fish chasing bait. Other boats were in the area but didn’t seem to notice, good. Tried poppers and sluggos nothing doing. Then I thought what looks like the bait, oh yes, a silver crocodile, have one I never caught anything with. Threw it out on my light spinning outfit, and let it down deep. Bam, big hit and fight. Ended up with a 32 inch, 13 lb striper. Attached picture of fish, but my photograph skills are lacking when adrenaline is pumping!


Then nothing else so I motored to mouth of Housy, lots of people fishing but nobody catching anything. So headed back and hit the same rocky area. Bait was breaking all over. Ended up getting several more stripers, nice size and a 5 lb blue fish. All came on rattletraps.

On the way back to the ramp fish New Haven Harbor and got nothing but a better tan.

10/13/15 I enjoy fishing bait from the beach, West Haven is a nice place to do that, so since I have a freezer full of bunker why not give it a try? Got there, nice conditions, no wind, flat seas, very fishy looking. After 3 hours of dunking bait and throwing plugs, only thing have to show for trip was time spent and a sea robin that got off at the beach. Oh well, maybe next time.


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