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First of all I would like to wish you a happy new year 2015.

And for this new fishing season I would like to talk about a new fishing brand on the market in the US  that I have had the opportunity to use extensively. This brand is Biwaa and the reason I have decided to focus your attention on their products is because they have an incredible range, finding its true meaning when you live in New England…

Indeed, you can find a lure by Biwaa  for every predator that you target, whether it be largemouth or smallmouth bass, pike, striped bass, bluefish, trout, salmon and many more. The range is large and made  according to the specific research for each species. Each lure is designed, developed and tested by professional anglers all around the world. Therefore, this is what makes this brand incredibly efficient.

I have used Biwaa for quite some time now and have caught many fish from around the world using this product. With this extensive knowledge I have put together my selection for anglers across the New England region.

Biwaa2 (440x226)
This hard is probably the most realistic and the most efficient that I have ever used. I caught so many bass and so many pike with it…

The Biwaa Seven Swimbaits provide a lifelike, multi-jointed presentation that is in a league-of-its-own when it comes to raw attraction. Designed with seven segmented body sections, the Biwaa Seven Swimbaits carve through the water with a super-smooth, S-shaped swimming action that can be used at all levels of the water column to tempt fish.

Available in different sizes and colors and built with an ultra-strong technical textile jointing, the Biwaa Seven Swimbaits offer increased flexibility that enhances action and provides the durability needed for extra-large fish. For increased realism, the Biwaa Seven Swimbaits feature 3D eyes and super-soft rubber fin-and-tail accents that will fool the most seasoned bass.

Armed with two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Biwaa Seven Swimbaits deliver a multi-segmented construction and true-to-life detailing that any swimbait enthusiast will appreciate.

Biwaa3 (580x278)

Pushing the limits of realism, the Biwaa S’Trout Swimbaits feature a multi-jointed construction with true-to-life details that set it apart from all the rest. Built with eight separate segments, the Biwaa S’Trout Swimbaits generate a smooth S-shaped swimming action that can be used to target bass throughout the water column.

Connected using a technologically advanced textile jointing, the Biwaa S’Trout Swimbaits offer increased flexibility that enhances action and provide the durability needed for trophy-sized bass. Taking lifelike detailing to the next level, the Biwaa S’Trout Swimbaits feature a super-soft rubber tail, 3D eyes, and jaw-dropping finishes. Outfitted with two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Biwaa S’Trout Swimbaits deliver a dead-on trout imitation that will have your livewell overflowing.

Definitely my best bait for pike or big bass in lakes loaded with trout.


I can already tell you that Biwaa is working on a TOP WATER SEVEN and STROUT…
Personally I can’t wait for the spring to make the stripers go crazy!

Look at the swim on the following link and you will understand why it is the perfect top water lure for stripers.

Biwaa4 (402x323)
I have nothing to add. This segmented swimbait is a revolution for pike and musky fishing.
Biwaa5 (522x244)
Unique in design and superior in attraction, the Biwaa Divinator Hybrid Swimbait delivers a one-of-a-kind baitfish profile that unleashes tons of flash and mouthwatering action. Molded around an internal jighead, the Biwaa Divinator Hybrid Swimbait features a through-wire construction that attaches to a premium ball bearing swivel and a bright, customized willow blade.

Biwaa6 (507x282)Delivering an increased strike-to-catch ratio, the Biwaa Divinator Hybrid Swimbait comes equipped with two razor-sharp hooks – a single top hook and an optional treble hook along the belly. Finished with a lifelike holographic eye for heightened realism, the Biwaa Divinator Hybrid Swimbaits deliver a super-bright baitfish presentation that is aimed at catching the attention of big, rod-bending bass.

Two sizes available and a lot of different patterns! Stripers, Largemouth/Smallmouth bass & pike love it!

Biwaa7 (576x285)
The ultimate soft lure is available in a huge range of colors and sizes to target all kind of predators! I love using the 2.5” in the New England’s rivers for trout and the 4” for salmon or bass! I never forget the 6” if I am looking for pike or striper! It is a paddle tail shad and thanks to its action and its design may attract fish that had been receiving too much pressure or is simply just in a non-aggressive mood.
Upcoming :Biwaa8 (465x202)


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