Freshwater Fishing Recipes

Freshwater Fishing Recipes

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grilled-salmon tomato peach salsa

Grilled Salmon & Tomato Peach Salsa

In this amazing dish, salmon and peaches come together to make a great tasting, light and healthy meal. From the ocean to your grill and onto your dinner plate this is a great fresh meal.

miso salmon

Miso Infused Salmon

Miso Infused Salmon is an all-time favorite. Nothing is more satisfying than the salty and subtly sweet taste of miso paired with salmon that’s perfectly moist and slightly charred.

Campfire Trout

Campfire Trout

The ultimate camp fire recipe. Nothing like sitting around a camp fire enjoying fresh caught trout with your friends with this simple, super quick, absolutely awesome recipe.


Grilled Trout with Bacon1

Whats better then grilled trout? Grilled trout with bacon slow grilled on a wooden plank ! This recipe is sure to be a family favorite and its simple to prepare!

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