Let’s Talk Weather With Joe Cioffi

Meteorologist Joe Cioffi is an Emmy award winning meteorologist who has spent the last 30 years forecasting for the New York City, Long Island and nearby areas. and he is still at it. He has three websites: https://meteorologistjoecioffi.com, for NYC specific it is https://nycweathernow.com and for Long Island it is https://weatherlongisland.com.

He focuses on local weather issues, along with hurricanes, tropcial storms and the occasional long range, which JOESTRADAMUS takes care of. He has a youtube channel with daily livestreams and of course his Facebook weather page https://meteorologistjoecioffi.com. He continues to expand what he is doing with additional videos and a new app which is free. To download the free app please follow this link.

Over the years Joe has also been on numerous radio stations in New York and New Jersey including New Jersey 101.5 and the New Jersey 101.5 network of stations. In earlier years Joe also spent time forecasting in New Orleans Louisiana on WVUE-TV and in Corpus Christi Texas on KRIS-TV. Snow and winter forecasting is his specialty and as everyone knows, forecasting snow is difficult and challenging. Over the years Joe as weathered many snowstorms including the blizzard of 1995-96 and the Boxing Day blizzard of 2010 among other major storms.

Joe is also available for talks on meteorology both during the hurricane & winter storm season. If you are interested in seeing Joe at your local library, town hall, club, or other venue, email him at [email protected] for more information regarding availability.

Fishing Northeast will share all major weather events but you can find Joe’s daily forecasts, videos and live broadcasts across websites and social media links.

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