Fishing Northeast’s Fall Casting With Kids Business Sponsors/Donors

FNE Fall Casting With Kids Business Sponsors/Donors

Fishing Northeast and our crew feel that fishing is a fun and rewarding activity that many children today do not have the opportunity to partake in for one reason or another. This is why we have put this charity together. We will run multiple events throughout the year to bring some of these children out to the water; put a rod, reel, tackle and bait in their hands and teach them some of the many basics of fishing. We cover all of the basics, from lining a pole, tying a hook or swivel, to baiting and casting, and if the fish cooperate, proper handling of fish. We also practice what we preach, so rules and regulations are huge as is conservation and respecting the environment. We will provide all of the gear and tackle (while supplies last) as well as food for all participants. After each child has participated and taken the attempt to learn the basics, that child is then given the gear to take home with them so that they have the means to keep with this activity. Through donations of many members of our Facebook fishing forums, we were able to get a nice jump start on our first event in May 2016. However, with such a great turnout, our numbers have dwindled on gear and tackle. We do continue to receive donations and appreciate all the support, but we do need much more. We have reached out to many rod, reel and tackle manufacturers to help as well as many local businesses. If you would like to help with donations or volunteering at an upcoming event, please email the Fishing Northeast staff at Below are the business sponsors and donors that have come together to help make our next event (October 1, 2016 @ Black Rock State Park in Watertown, CT) a successful one. We here at FNE thank each and every business, donor and volunteers for your support.

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