DreamsRreel Guide Services

DreamsRreel Guide Services

DreamsRreel Guide service- Guided Fishing Trips For Musky & Smallmouth Bass on the Susquehanna River and Trout & Salmon on the Salmon River in NY State.

Come fish with me on a guided fishing trip, on the world famous Salmon River and other Lake Ontario Tributaries. I will give you the opportunity to catch king  and coho salmon, plus world class steelhead and brown trout. This will be late August to October for salmon, then in late September the steelhead and big brown trout move into the Salmon River and tributaries, steelhead come to gorge on salmon eggs. The brown trout are there to spawn and eat salmon eggs.  The fishing this time of year can be spectacular! I specialize in light line spinning gear. We fish for big fish with very light line(6lb) and 11′ 6″ – 13′  light action rods. We use fresh egg sacs and some flies, bottom bouncing and under floats. These fish can give you the fight of your life.  If you want a bigger challenge, come fish on a guided fishing trip on the Susquehanna River in northern Pennsylvania and NY for muskies! Be careful with these fish, you could very well become an addict!  There is something about a 40+” musky attacking your lure right at your feet! This type of fishing isn’t for everyone. A lot of casting big lures. We will also troll some. I have casting and spinning gear. Plus over 300 lures. I will put you where they live and give you a real chance to catch a true trophy. Food is provided on musky trips. Muskies are all released! We will take good measurements and photos for a reproduction mount if you choose.











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