A Rainy Day For Casting With Kids

Fishing Northeast held our Spring Casting With Kids (Connecticut) event at Pickett’s Pond, Osbornedale State Park in Derby on Saturday, May 13. While we have had a run of bad weather for our events, we continue putting smiles on kids faces. With this being our 3rd Casting With Kids event, we are a perfect 3 for 3 with rain which really put a damper on the crowd.

We had multiple stations for the kids to learn the arts of lining a reel, knot-tying, casting, regulations and conservation, baiting and properly handling a fish. Each child was provided with a starter tackle box, a rod and reel combo and bait which they were able to use at the event then take home with them for future use. Lunch, snacks and drinks were also provided for all kids and guardians.

Volunteer Kevin Rourke said, “the greatest feeling was seeing the excitement and smile on one of the kids faces as I showed him how to line his reel, he wanted to jump right in and do it himself”.

The children and parents were real troopers being out in the less than ideal conditions, it was really miserable most of the event as it rained non-stop. We were able to not only educate the children but many of the parents as well walked away with new knowledge, whether they had fished previously or not. In the end, whether we teach one person or 100 something new, and they take it with them to build on this activity in the future, we are being successful.

We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us by giving support either through donations or volunteering their time. Also, thank you to the two Connecticut Encon Officers that came down to spend a little time with us.

Our 2017 Casting With Kids program has been funded through the George H.W. Bush Vamos A. Pescar Education Fund and the Connecticut DEEP. Along with donations from many members of the Facebook Group, Fishing CT, as well as local business support from Fisherman’s Paradise, Tag’s Tackle Box, Cabela’s, The Regional Water Authority, D.R. Automotive and Desmond’s Auto Sales. Also a special thanks to Betts Tackle, HAYABUSA FISHING HOOKS CO., LTD.., Mepps and Bullet Weights for their kind donations.

All of our volunteers were instrumental in teaching and showing the kids a great time even in the rain!! There is nothing more satisfying to myself and our volunteers than seeing the smiles on a child’s face when they reel in their first fish. Peter Guild, James Mercier, Dominic Piccirillo, Kevin Rourke, June Simons, Tristan Wilgan, T.j. Biroscak II, Jason Kordys, Michael Majewski, Nick Mercier, Michael Brague Jr-Bobber the Shark, and everyone else who helped with the event, thank you so much from Scott Garland, Mark Bartoletti and Shannon Mallette.


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