Fishing Northeast’s 2019 Ice Gala Tournament

OK, here is the final update. As of 2pm I did not hear back from the town of Morris. I needed their approval to officially move the location to the Morris Beach, per CT DEEP. CT DEEP was fine with the move as long as Morris okayed it. So as it stands, we will set up registration at the State Boat Launch as planned. I will advise all anglers to use their discretion when entering the ice. My advice would be to register then enter the ice via the beach, Morris boat launch right next to the beach or via the area along Rte 209 with the small parking lot across the street. We will set up the weigh station on the ice off the beach. This is the most logical solution to keep peace with the permit. Again, register at the State Boat Launch, we will answer all questions at registration, so have them ready. SAFETY FIRST!!!

Are you ready for some ice fishing and the chance to win some nice cash prizes? Then here is your opportunity to take part in Fishing Northeast’s Annual Ice Gala which is sure to be a great time for all. Technically speaking, this should be our 5th annual, but due to the lack of ice, we have had to cancel twice in the previous 4 years. This year we are setting our eyes on Saturday February 16, 2019 as the gala date.

Location: Bantam Lake State Launch, 16 Palmer Rd. Morris, CT

Registration Opens at 6:30am

Fishing hours: 8am-4pm

Categories: Pike/Pickerel, Blackbass, Panfish


Price includes the Paypal fee associated with online transaction. $30 for entry and $1.20 for Paypal fee.


All fish weighed must be accompanied by your gala registration slip. You cannot pay with a fish in hand….that fish will not be eligible. We will be opening the registration table at approximately 6:30am Saturday morning….maybe earlier but definitely no later. All pre-registered contestants and those registering the day of will receive your registration card immediate after payment (if necessary) and search of sleds by a judge. You can register up until 10:00am or up to 100 registered participants….whichever comes first. Limited parking will be available at the state boat launch and I will also be gaining permission from the First Selectman of Morris to use the beach parking lot as well. We will also be hopefully having a few raffle prizes in which all entrants will be entered to win…..we will update as prizes become available.

1-$30 entry fee-No refunds or exchanges will be given for any reason other than cancellation of the event.

2-Registration starts at 6:30am. All sleds will be checked prior to entering the competition area-Please keep alcohol consumption to a minimal and on the down low. Be respectful to all participants and other anglers not partaking in the competition.

3-Limited to 100 competitors-Numbered ticket cards will be provided for each participant.

4-Only 100 tickets will be sold, any tickets not presold will be available for purchase morning of the event.

5-Tickets that are pre-purchased must be picked up at the registration table upon signing in.

6-All fires must be contained-no on ice fires and no dumping of ash and embers on ice or in drilled holes.

7-Lines must be attended to at all times.

8-Contestants can pre-drill holes and drop a baitless line to test depths but all lines must be out of water by 7:45

9-Lines must be out of the water no later than 4pm….unless a fish in on the line at that time, our phone number will be on your registration card to contact us if you have a fish on at 4pm .

10-There will be no contestant sharing of fish. All fish must be weighed in no later than 4:15pm…..or within reason as determined by the judges. If you are not at the weigh table by 4:15pm your fish will not qualify.

11-Special creel limits (keeper size) for “GALA”: Northern Pike 1 at 36+inches, 6 Pickerel at 15″+, 6 Smallmouth Bass 12-16 inches, 6 Largemouth Bass 12-18 inches , White Perch-Any size with no limit, Yellow Perch-Any size with no limit, Crappie-Any size with no limit , Sunnies-Any size with no limit (Note: Smallmouth bass and largemouth bass is in aggregate, meaning you may keep a total of 6 combined of the two species).

12-You may have more than one fish weighed but only the heaviest will count in each category.

13-All other CT regulations apply.

14- Judges shall have the right to verify that fish were legally caught. The decision of the judge is final.

15- Failure to comply with these rules may lead to a contestant’s disqualification and cancellation of participation in this contest.

16- In the event of a tie in weight, the first fish weighed will be awarded the higher position.

17-Contestants are responsible for their own safety, actions, and property at all times. BE AWARE at ALL TIMES for open ice holes. Parents of minors do not allow your children to run on the ice or play running games.

18-Participants must act and behave in an orderly manner and be responsible for their actions. No debris to be left by you in your area during or after the contest.

19-Please remove what you bring in, including cigarette butts.

20-All contestants and others here-by consent to the use of any photographs or likeness of themselves to be used in the promotion of our contest, including but not limited to media print, radio, television, internet, and other media coverage.

21-Cash prize amounts to be determined by final number of participants.

  • Three Categories (Pike/Pickerel, Blackbass, Panfish) : Minimum length to be eligible for prizes: Pike 36″, Pickerel 15″, Smallmouth/Largemouth Bass 12″, Panfish No minimum. Pike/Pickerel and Blackbass (smallmouth/largemouth) will be based on weight, panfish will be based on length.
  • Money breakdown: 20% to FNE, pike/pickerel category 50% of prize money, blackbass category 35% of prize money and the panfish 15% of prize money.
  • 3rd place in each category receives $30, 2nd place receives $50 and 1st place receives remaining prize money for that category.
  • All unclaimed prize money due to no fish being entered for a prize (top 3 in each category) reverts to FNE.

Based on the maximum of 100 entrants:
$3000 in registration fees: $600 to FNE, $1200 to pike/pickerel ($1120 1st, $50 2nd, $30 3rd), $840 to blackbass ($760 1st, $50 2nd, $30 3rd) and $360 to panfish ($280 1st, $50 2nd, $30 3rd)

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