Baits Motel

Our goal is to give you unprecedented service by being a reputable source for all you need for fresh and saltwater fishing. We can help you with the right lure or live bait, for the right time of year, in the right spot. Stop by to show off your recent catch, or just take some time to tell a fish story. Don’t forget to bring your boats we have plenty of parking for everyone!  Official IGFA weigh station

Phone: 203-553-9381
Facebook:Baits Motel (dont forget to “Like Us”)

Hours of Operation:
7am-7pm Monday-Friday
10am-4pm Saturday
10am-2pm Sunday

26c Selden ST.
Woodbridge, CT  06525


Check out some of our prices:

Fresh Bait Prices

Pin Minnows $2.50/dozen
Small Shiners $3.00/dozen
Medium Shiners $6/dozen
Pike Bait $15/dozen
Sandworms $7/dozen
Sandworms Flat $60/125 count
Eels $1.50/each
Green Crabs $3/dozen
Asian Crabs $1/dozen
Chubs/Killifish $3/dozen
Canadian Nightcrawlers $3.25/dozen
Trout Worms/Dillys $3.50/24 count
Small Mealworms $2.25/36 count
Golden Mealworms $2.25/35 count
Super Mealworms $3.25/25 count
Fresh Bunker (when available) $1.25/each

Check out some of our prices:

Frozen Bait Prices

Shiners/Spearing $5/10 oz
Shiners/Spearing $3/6 oz
Sea Clams $4/12 oz
Whole Squid $5.50/lb
Squid Strips $6/8 oz
Tinker Mackerel $1/each
Mackerel $2.50/each
Mackerel Flat (approx. 33 pieces) $70/flat
Herring $1 each
I.Q.F. Bunker $1/each
I.Q.F. Bunker 20 LB Case $20/flat
Butter Fish $1/each


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