Wayne County Fishing Report by Chris Kenyon

  • Wayne County Fishing Report

    • Lake Ontario-Remember if you are fishing the LOC Derby…make sure everyone on board is registered. A nice 32 king was in the money; however, everyone wasn’t signed-up. Don’t let this happen to you. Lately, the kings have been hitting in 175 to 200 feet of water down 70 to 80. That of course changes with

    • Lake Ontario-The Sodus Pro-Am this past weekend proved the kings have made their journey to Wayne County. Many boats ran west to Irondequoit Bay, however the leaders found their fish straight out from Hughes’ Marina and the power plant. The lure of choice was cut bait…meat rigs. There were spoons used and some flasher flies.

    • Lake Ontario-The Sodus Point Pro-Am is this week with all the action starting tomorrow with special promotions during the week. Then there is Captain Jacks Big Fish Friday where anyone can fish for money. The actual Pro-Am happens on Saturday and Sunday, so it will be a busy time at Sodus Point this week. Check

    • Lake Ontario-Tim Thomas from Finders Keeper was trolling around LO water last week and here’s the scoop. This report pretty much tells the story. The summer kings are back in Wayne county waters. Started the first day of the LOC today out of Sodus in hopes to put a fish on the board and we got

    • Lake Ontario-It was calm this morning, and then a west wind came to town. Not bad, actually pretty decent for Lake Ontario fishing. The kings are starting to show-up in Wayne County waters. They are in 200 to 250 feet of water down 80 to 100. They are hitting spin doctors and flies off riggers

    • Lake Ontario-Today is rather calm if you consider three footers a slight bump in the lake. Yesterday the browns hit heavy in 20 to 30 feet of water. Today the wind changed the temps and they scattered. Some kings were taken in 300 feet of water down 40 to 100. Charters were using Michigan Stingers

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