New Hampshire Fishing Reports by NHFG

  • New Hampshire Fishing Reports by NHFG

    • Greetings, anglers! “Summertime and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high…” so goes the old Gershwin tune. Well, we may not have any cotton in the Granite State but probably a few bass jumping!  It’s the middle of July already and the “dog days” of summer are fast approaching, if

    • Greetings, anglers! The “hex” is on in New Hampshire! No, not some evil spell cast upon the waters by some disturbed witch, but a wonderful natural event in the world of aquatic insects. This is the time of year when the huge mayfly, Hexagenia limbata, makes its appearance on some New Hampshire lakes and slow-moving rivers. The

    • Greetings, anglers!  The recent cold snap appears to be over and warmer temperatures and calm winds are in the forecast for the next week or so.   Bass spawning is winding down throughout the state and the catch-and-release season has ended as of June 15. Live bait can again be used to catch bass.  The bass

    • Greetings, anglers! Summer-like temperatures have really turned the fishing on for trout and bass in the Granite State.   Insect hatches are coming on strong in southern New Hampshire, and will soon be in abundance up north.  Bass spawning is in various stages depending on the type of waterbody.  Many of the shallow warmer lakes in

    • Greetings, anglers! Saturday May 21 is World Fish Migration Day!  This is a one day global event to create awareness of the importance of open rivers and migratory fish. The river herring run is in full bloom in the Merrimack and several of our coastal rivers. Be sure and check out the Amoskeag Fishways Learning

    • Greetings, anglers! Wind from the East, fish bite the least, wind from the West fish bite the best!  It seems a persistent east wind has dampened fish appetites of late but you can be sure things will change soon as the weather warms and insect life bursts forth.  Bass are starting to stage just off

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