Random Massachusetts Fishing Reports

  • Random Massachusetts Fishing Reports

    • Pogies have been absent from the fishing scene for a number of years but this year is different with a good number of them turning the corner of Race Point and now in the harbors of Plymouth to Gloucester. This is a great sign for all fishermen because if this fishery is doing well so

    • A great morning is planned on the Nissitissit River Saturday morning starting at 9 a.m., when volunteers from Trout Unlimited plant dozens of Black Gum Trees along the banks of the newly restored section of the river. These trees will grow to 80 feet tall and provide great cover and food for wildlife. Volunteers are

    • NORTH SHORE — Striped bass are all over the region with some great action in the Piscataqua River. Many schoolies are found here but in recent days some 30-inch fish have moved in to make things interesting. Portsmouth has some good striper action along with shad moving up the river there. A few flounder have

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