State Approves Dumping of Snow Removal Into Waterways by Michael Richardson

Recently, State regulators decided to approve dumping snow in our local waterways.This would include all treated snow,The salt and corrosive sprays the State uses to treat our roads ,are being investigated for the rust damage to brake lines of the D.O.T.s own trucks,never mind John Q.Public`s.If these corrosive applications can… Continue reading

ASMFC to Approve 2015 Striped Bass Regs

Submitted by George R. Baldwin On Thursday, February 5th, the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board will hold its winter meeting. The agenda includes considering Addendum IV State Implementation Plans and Conservation Equivalency Proposals for approval. Connecticut representatives will be the DEEP’s David Simpson, Lance Stewart, and Rep. Craig Miner. The… Continue reading

Naugatuck River Advocate Opposes Oxford Power Plant, Could Impact Wildlife and WATER Project

Courtesy of The Waterbury Observer Story By Michael Kaneb and John Murray    Kevin Zak of the Naugatuck River Revival Group Opposition is mounting against the construction of a massive power plant in Oxford that threatens the safety of air traffic at Waterbury-Oxford Airport, and presents a possible threat to the vitality… Continue reading

Fish Hatcheries’ Supporters Fear They Could Be On Budget Chopping Block Again

By Gregory B. Hladky-Hartford Courant BERLIN — The folks who run the Kensington Hatchery and their colleagues at the two other state fish-raising operations worry a lot about predators. Herons, kingfishers, osprey and eagles snatch thousands of young trout and salmon from hatchery ponds every year. The greatest threat, however,… Continue reading