You ever wonder what it is about chocolate that makes it so magical? Why is it the world’s favorite food? I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate, right? And why am I referring to it as a food? Well my friends, because it is and let me tell you why.

You see, most of us grew up on chocolate and some still are indulging into the bittersweet yumminess. Whether it’s your favorite candy bar or truffle and even if it says 70% or 80%, it is still cocoa. I would like to help deepen your experience with chocolate and introduce to you cacao (ke’kou). The word cacao means “food for the gods”. It is chocolate in its rawest form and is actually the seed of a fruit.

Cocoa comes from cacao after it is cooked and dairy is added to it. Scientific fact: once a food is cooked past a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit, all that was valuable, which includes all the nutrients, minerals and enzymes, is destroyed. No more. Zilch. Gone and never to come back. Did you know that out of all foods studied in the history of mankind cacao was found to be the most chemically complex and most nutrient dense food on the planet? That is why it is categorized as a superfood. Another inescapable fact for chocolatiers: once you cook cacao all the fatty acids are destroyed and become rancid. Which causes inflammation in our body once consumed. As a raw chocolatier, I am not bringing it even close to 118 degrees, so it retains all that goodness. Continue reading at Aruna Chocolates.



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